Yuken india limited catalauge
Yuken kriko machine
yuken kriko machine
These will make contribution to obtaining ISO 14000.
- Optimal for iron, casting, aluminum, brass and shaving and chips.
- You can hold shavings under discriminatory control.
- You can largely save transport costs.
- You can save space for storing shavings.
- In the process of pressing, liquid on shavings can be separated and collected.
Direction control valve
Direction control valve 
- High response high reliability.
-No leak.
-ISO conferment mounting surface. 

Yuken gear pump
Yuken gear pump
1.High strength aluminum extruded body.
2.Hardened and ground integral gear shaft.
3.Special aluminum alloy bush bearing.
4.Axially balanced for high volumetric efficiency in excess of 95%.
5. With modified profile for low noise.

Pump spare part
Pump spare parts
Yuken kriko machine
yuken kriko machine
*The Yuken Kiriko is a quiet, hydraulic-powered chip compactor that is designed to reduce shavings and chips to as much as 2.5 percent of their original volume.
*Optimal for Iron, Casting, Aluminium, Brass and Chips.
*Special units related to KIRIKO
i )Shavings level detector
ii)High cycle type
iii)Multiple combination type
v)Automatic shavings loader
vi)Disposer of ground dust

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